Moana-themed Club

A Moana-themed club is a hit with WyldLife kids! Get them moving using a variety of mixers, including Captain on Deck, Mattress Surfing, Hula-Hoop Pass, and Coconut Bowling (think turkey bowling, but use coconuts instead.) Invite every kid to try the Limbo, and use a Tiki torch as the pole.

Bring a few kids up front to make banana splits in their leaders mouths. Leaders lie on their backs while kids stand on chairs and drop the ingredients one at a time from up high. Middle school kids love this one (and their leaders will need a shower!)

Choose summer-themed and Hawaiian music and keep it jamming all night long. Don’t forget to play some Moana songs and encourage kids to sing along!

Limbo – tiki torch style
Banana Splits – in the making
Banana Splits – the aftermath
Mattress Surfing

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