10 Things To Do on the Bus Ride to Camp

  1. Ask Would You Rather Questions: Link to 664 would you rather questions
  2. Ask open ended questions: Link to “200 get to know you questions”
  3. Bus Bingo:  Great way for every kid’s name to be called out on the bus ride.  Super easy to make custom bingo cards with every kid’s name used to make cards at https://bingobaker.com/ for only $24.95 for a lifetime membership. 
  4. “Are we there yet?” How many times do kids ask that question and “How much longer till we get there?  How bout make it a game?  Have kids guess how many hours, minutes, and seconds it will be till you get to camp.  YOU define what it means to get to camp.  Sometimes you have to wait quite a while once you arrive at camp till you get off the bus to take care of the paperwork and check-in process with head leaders.  A good idea is once you pass the camp sign or some marker YOU choose at camp before you have to wait till you get off the bus.  This will allow a leader to announce the winner while you wait. guessing sheet.
  5. PowerPoint Games: If you can connect a laptop to the bus tv system, then you can play one of 2162 powerpoint games from https://www.downloadyouthministry.com/ 
  6. 20 Questions: The way to play this game is to have a person think of an object or person in their head.  Campers ask a series of questions, 20 to be exact, answerable by yes or no to try and figure out the object or person.  Play with the whole bus or play in little clusters throughout the bus.
  7. Left Side vs Right Side of the Bus Game: Use this list of things to look for along the trip. Whatever side of the bus it appears is what side of the bus gets the points. Play for the entire bus ride, just for an hour, or 3 time segments with the first team to 2 wins for the best of 3.  Pass out a handful of copies or tape them to windows with blue painter tape so kids can easily see the list
  8. Rock Paper Scissors Tournament:  Many variations to choose from. Option 1- Play 5 rounds but before each round roll a dice to determine the value of the round and roll 2 dice for the final round. A person could have won the first 4 rounds with a low value for each and the final round could be worth 11 and the person who hadn’t won yet could win.
  9. Riddle Me This:  Give each leader this sheet of paper to play with their cluster of kids
  10. Leader Trivia: A couple of days before camp send this list of questions to all the leaders and have them answer all of these questions. Send out via email to each leader individually or do it in person if all the leaders are gathering the week before camp or however you think it will work best.  During the bus ride. Use the intercom system to ask the question.  If you think it is ______ raise your hand.  Go through the list of all the leaders.  It is fun to see who the group thinks the leader is.  Go through as many questions as you want.  The list is probably too long but use it so you can have each leader be acknowledged about the same number of times.

For prizes, give kids free snack coupons for the snack place at camp to be redeemed WITH a leader.  Built in contact and something good to eat for 1 on 1 at the end of camp.

More ideas on the Young Life Leader Blog

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