HI. WE LOVE WYLDLIFE. (In case you wondered.)

Some of us here at the WyldLife Leader Blog have been doing WyldLife since the very early ’90s, when it was just a brand new thing, when people’s response to WyldLife leaders was usually something like this:

  • You’re doing what?
  • You’re hanging out with who? (Almost no one said whom.)
  • You’re spending time where?
  • Wait – you’re kidding, right?

25 years later, many people still have the same questions.

Our responses – both then and now – are simple:

  • WyldLife (with a “y” – and a capital “L” right there in the middle)
  • middleschoolers
  • the middle school
  • seriously

We believe:

  • Middleschoolers are The Best.
  • Middleschool ministry is Especially Stupendous and Amazing.
  • WyldLife is Awesome.
  • WyldLife Leaders are The Best. And Especially Stupendous and Amazing. And also Awesome.
  • WyldLife Leaders deserve a place to share their stories, resources, ideas, and all-around awesomeness.

You’ve probably noticed that lots of people share stories, resources, and ideas about Young Life. Our good friend, Drew Hill, does that over at the Young Life Leader Blog. (One of the reasons we are calling this the WyldLife Leader Blog is because of the great work Drew has done resourcing YL leaders.) Another good friend, Sean McGever, does something similar over at ylhelp. (We love ylhelp but chose not to call this site “wlhelp” because “double-you-ell-help” is entirely too bouncy and doesn’t roll off the tongue smoothly like “why-ell-help” does. In case you wondered.)

You should definitely check out Drew’s and Sean’s sites. They’re wondrous, and you’ll be able to find some great WyldLife ideas nestled amongst the Young Life info.

This site is going to be different. It’s going to be specifically and especially for WyldLife leaders – whether staff or volunteer (because you are, in fact, a bona fide minister either way) – so you don’t have to dig through the other stuff; so you can focus just on WyldLife; so you can read something quickly and be reminded about why you do what you do; and so you can nod your soul in agreement and say, “Yep – I surely do love middleschoolers. I surely am sold on WyldLife. I surely am excited and thrilled to be doing what I do.”

Because honestly, that’s how big of a deal it is to be a WyldLife leader.

Welcome to the WyldLife Leader Blog. We’re glad you’re here. Read something fun or interesting. Then go change the world.

–The WyldLife Leader Blog Team

[If you have ideas for content, or are interested in writing or collaborating on a blog post, email us at wyldlifeleaderblog@gmail.com. We’d LOVE to hear from you.]