Halloween CARnival Club

This club uses the same drive-thru parking lot format, with kids in cars, as the CARnival Club posted previously.


  • Here is the video, starting at 1:58.
  • Twix candies can be washed each round or given to kids to eat, in which case you will need a lot of candy.

On Edge

  • Here is the video, starting at 4:27.
  • Draw a line on the table to create an endzone.
  • Use whatever candy you’d like, but we used little packages of starburst that can be washed each round or given out.


  • Painted orange and black and at the bottom is:
    • Pie leader in face
    • Raffle tickets
    • $ off camp
    • Candy
  • **Plinko chips can be washed each round

Smoke Ring Cannon

  • VIDEO 
  • Leaders can hold the cannon and kids can hit it from the car.
  • Have targets (Orange Solo Cups with a jack-o-lantern face drawn with sharpie) either on a leader’s head or on a table.
    • Table Option: Have a row of them on the table and have this be a timed option.  How long will it take to get 5-6 off the table. 
    • Leader Option: Kids get 30 seconds to see how many cups they can knock off the leaders head. Leaders have a stack at their side and put a new cup on their head after each one is knocked off.
  • Tips:
    • You can use either a shower curtain or extra thick heavy duty trash bag.
    • Use LOTS duct tape to make sure the part where kids will hit is VERY secure.  
    • Smoke machines are in high demand around Halloween.  Shop early and don’t try to get it at the last minute. LINK
    • Toss in some glow sticks for a fun visual effect.

Pumpkin stacking game 

X number of raffle tickets per stacked pumpkins in 30-40 seconds???

  • They can be washed between each round

Guess the # of Candies in a large jar

  • We write the kids name, their phone #, and their guess on a sheet of paper 
  • Winner gets the candy delivered to them the next day or that night

Shocker Game

  • Shocker game against the leader. It can whipped down after every round

Pumpkin Reveal

This a version of “do you want to pick door #1, door #2 or door #3?” Rather than doors, have carved out pumpkins. The kid picks a pumpkin and in the pumpkin is either:

  • A reward for them
  • A punishment for a leader

Pumpkin Drop

  • If you can meet at a place that you can do a pumpkin drop on a target to end the Club, that could be a fun effect.

Water Balloon Your Leader

  • Water balloon toss like at camp.  Get 4×8 sheet of plywood and jack-o-lantern cut out with wire mesh in the cut outs and leaders wear goggles.
    • To up the fun factor maybe have leaders holding water balloon launcher and the kid holds the launcher from the car and the leaders walk towards the leader to create tension on the launcher.
    • WyldLife
    • Young Life 
    • Capernaum

Catapult or Slingshot  

  • Only do THIS if you have access to a large field.  
  • Might now work well after dark if you can’t see where the pumpkin is going

Help the Wait

While kids are waiting in line- we have leaders walking to the cars with these lists.  Sort through ahead of time to pick the best ones you want.

  • Halloween dad jokes  LINK
  • Halloween Would You Rather Questions LINK
  • Halloween Trivia LINK 


Halloween Song Playlist

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