Halloween Would You Rather

Be invisible OR be able to move through walls?

For 1 night, sleep in a coffin OR in a giant pumpkin?

Walk through a giant cobweb OR walk through a cemetery at night with no flashlight?

Have to eat ALL of your halloween candy in week OR sell it all for $25

Kiss a toad with warts OR a witch with warts?

Go for a week with only hooting like an owl OR only a week only talking with your mouth full of candy corn?

Go to school wearing a pumpkin on your head OR dressed as a mummy?

Spend Halloween eating as much candy as you wish OR scaring as many friends as you want?

Have to open 1000 Double Bubble gum wrappers OR bake 100 Halloween cookies?

On Halloween be stuck at home with no power OR in a house that has no candy?

Travel in time to trick or treat with your family 50 years in the future OR back in time to trick or treat with your family from 50 years ago?

On Halloween night only be able to whisper OR only be able to shout everything?

Have to wear fangs all day on Halloween OR carry around a broomstick?

A weekend without TV and internet OR Halloween without candy?

In one sitting eat an entire Costco pumpkin pie OR drink an extra large Pumpkin Spice Milkshake?

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