French Fry Guys (or Girls!)

French Fry Guys (or Girls!)

It all started with the question, “Who has the best fries in town?” One group of WyldLife kids and their leader decided they had to know, so they ventured out to taste every French fry in town. Their tour took two hours and included seven restaurants ranging from McDonald’s to a local hangout.

At each location, they bought one small order of fries for the group and then rated fries in five categories:

  • Crispiness
  • Temperature
  • Seasoning
  • Cost
  • X-factor

What did kids think about this experience? Here’s what their leader said, “THEY LOVED IT. They went home to their family and friends and haven’t stopped talking about it. All in all, I spent about $25 for a shared experience that they will hold onto forever and two hours of conversation.”

And which restaurant won? The local hangout in Stuart, Florida in a landslide.

Other thoughts/ideas:

  • Print out a copy of the French fry scorecard for each kid.
  • Make sure the kids feel like the experts as they share their opinions.
  • Do some play-by-play commentary for Instagram.
  • Create a “WyldLife French Fry Competition” certificate and deliver it to the winning restaurant.
  • A small order of fries is plenty for one car of kids.
  • If you can’t visit restaurants, ask another leader to pick up and deliver fries to a leader with a group of kids on someone’s front porch.

Idea submitted by Trey Fritz, Martin County, Florida.

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