Birthday Club Ideas

photo submitted by Lucas, IL

LEADER DUMP CAKE, game from Lucas with Central Illinois WyldLife, IL

Split the room into two teams – this game will be played pseudo-relay style. Each team sends one member per round to the front of the room to compete a 1v1 challenge – you can determine whatever challenges work best for your club, but we suggest anything that involves movement without embarrassment. The winner of each challenge gets to help build a birthday cake ON A LEADER’S HEAD! How fun, right? Once per round, the winner adds the next pre-measured ingredient for a “cake,” dumping it on a leader’s head. We recommend starting with the small ingredients, such a tsp. of salt, and get bigger and messier each round, with ingredients such as a cup of flour or two eggs. At the end, everyone can definitely sing happy birthday to your lovely decorated leader.

Supplies: small amount of baking supplies, tarp under leader, cleaning supplies for afterwards

photo submitted by Mallory, SC

BIRTHDAY THEMED CLUB, ideas from Mallory with Tricountry WyldLife, SC

“We incorporated the theme in as our club theme for the night. We created games that all had to do with birthdays – like a cupcake cake-eating competition, balloon-popping game, and birthday-themed trivia. We also had birthday hats for friends to wear.”

Supplies: LOTS OF BALLOONS! Cupcakes, for cake-eating contest. Streamers, for decorating. Screen and music, for trivia. Hats, for dressing up.

photo from

HUMAN PIÑATA TAG, mixer from Laura with Monroe WyldLife, OR

Let’s throw a birthday remix on the classic game of tag or capture the flag, shall we? Dress up leaders like piñatas, hot-glueing candy to t-shirts before club. Give students pool noodles with which they can “tag” the dressed-up leaders.

CAPTURE THE FLAG OPTION: Set a bag of candy or container of sprinkles on either end of your club room – the leaders’ goal is to retrieve that item from the other team’s side and bring it back to their own. The students’ goal is to eliminate leaders by tagging them with the pool noodle, sending them back to their side to restart their venture to flag.

TAG OPTION: Simply let kids chase leaders around the room, seeing who can tag the leaders the most times. Use music cues to keep the fun going.

Supplies: pool noodles, hot glue guns, tshirts, candy, 2 bags of candy or 2 jars of sprinkles (optional)

screenshot from @petemorales55 on TikTok

WHIP CREAM FLIP CHALLENGE, mixer from Laura with Monroe WyldLife, OR

Maybe you’ve seen this on TikTok already, but here’s a video compilation just in case you haven’t. Have students form a line, standing side by side, and give each student a dollop of whipped cream on their wrist. After demonstrating the challenge, have them try it themselves, one a time. You might even have a leader or two film each student! You could cut this video for your own social media, or show it on a screen at the end of club!

Supplies: whipped cream

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