Introducing “The Wyldest Awards”

As crazy as 2020 has been, it’s encouraging to see the many ways that YOU – faithful WyldLife leaders around the world – have found new ways to spend time with kids. God continues to use you in the lives of middle schoolers.

For the next few months, we want to celebrate your creativity, fearlessness, and perseverance. To do that, we’re bringing you… The Wyldest Awards!

Each month, we’ll introduce a new theme. Your goal? To include that theme in one of your WyldLife activities – it might be club, Campaigners, or one-on-one time with a kid. Our hope is that you’ll dream big, try something new, and then share your ideas. Yes, we want you to toot your own WyldLife horn!

Once you’ve completed the activity, give us a short description, and you’ll be entered as a contestant for that month’s Wyldest Awards. Our panel of judges will select winners, and there will be prizes! We’ll also highlight your ideas in upcoming issues of WyldLife Wednesday and on the WyldLife Leader Blog. And you can tag @wyldlife_yl and #WyldestAwards on Instagram to show off your fun ideas. If you’re looking to become WyldLife famous, this is your opportunity. 

We’ll get started in January with a BIRTHDAY THEME. (Think games… birthday cards… cupcakes…the sky’s the limit!)

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