Club Talk Tips and Template

From Coco Delph, WyldLife Staff Associate (Lexington, KY)

Here are some tips and templates for planning, preparing, and delivering a WyldLife club talk. Coco Delph (WyldLife staff in Lexington, KY) created and compiled these from various sources – NST, Regional Training, and her own trial and error.

 If you have similar materials to share with your fellow WyldLife Leaders, email us at If your tips and templates have similar content but are compiled, designed, or formatted in a different way, we’d still love to post them since we all process information differently. 

Downloadable PDF of “10 Tips for Your WyldLife Club Talk” 10-tips-for-wl-club-talks

Downloadable PDF of “How to Write Club Talks Like Jim Rayburn”club-talk-template


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