Geofilters for WyldLife

Middle schoolers. Snapchat. Geofilters. Enough said.

Easy how-to tutorial on making your own geofilters from YLHelp here.

11 geofilters from the YL Staff Resources site here. (The three WyldLife geofilters are included below.)

Thoughts on the good uses of Snapchat for youth ministry contexts here. (“Student Pastors, Stop Being Afraid of Snapchat”)

Thoughts on using Snapchat for Young Life/WyldLife ministry here. (“Using Snapchat in Young Life”)

Downloadable Snap Challenge game available here. (from Downloadable Youth Ministry)

WE NEED MORE WYLDLIFE GEOFILTERS (said someone who had enough time to think about it – probably not a parent or a full-time staff person). Got any? Send them and we’ll share them. (

Geofilter_wild-fun-WyldLifeGeofilter_live it up at wyldlife 2Geofilter_live it up at wyldlife





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