Discipleship from a Distance

Jesus Knows How You Feel
Many of us are looking for ways to stay engaged with kids from far away. Some leaders can’t meet face-to-face with kids because of local regulations. Other teams have college-aged leaders who may go home for Thanksgiving and not be back until February.

The Bible App includes several Young Life reading plans, including three written specifically with WyldLife kids and leaders in mind. The “Jesus Knows How You Feel” plan was added this fall. (Get details on how to set up the app to find all of the Young Life plans – including new Spanish translations.)

You can choose a plan and then walk through it with a group of kids. Within the app, kids can comment and ask questions to the group. Or the group can read one day per week and follow up with a weekly Campaigners discussion on Zoom. Below are links to the three studies!

Jesus Knows How You Feel (NEW!)
Just Jesus: 5 Stories To Know Him Better
Promises From Jesus

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