“The Bully” – a 6-minute documentary by a 7th-grade student

From Beth Griebel (St. Charles, IL)
WyldLife Mission Staff


While there are plenty of films, blogs, books, and opinion pieces on the topic of bullying, this one is different: it was written and directed by a 7th-grader, Jonah Maxwell.

We all have our own personal stories about bullying – both on the giving and receiving end. It’s perhaps the oldest and most universal aspect of the human condition.

Because of social media and because of the high percentage of middle schoolers who now own smartphones or have instant access to the internet, all relationships – positive and negative – have taken on new forms. (Statistics vary widely on smartphone ownership by middle schoolers; those who don’t own their own often have SM profiles they access from friends’ devices.)

Bullying has always been painful – but it used to be containable to a certain degree.

No more.

“My dad told me that when he was a kid, the bullying would stop at 3:30 every day. I told him it’s not like that anymore. They can get you 24/7. They can get you anytime, anywhere.”

Even so: “It’s as easy to be nice as it is to be mean.” This movie ends on a beautifully upbeat tone.

Take 6 minutes now to watch this 7th-grader’s film. You’ll be glad you did – not just because of the its message, but because of the vivid reminder about how thoughtful and reflective 7th-graders can be.

Watch The Bully here.


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