T-Rex Charades: an exercise in hilarity

Charades never gets old.

Well, maybe sometimes it does. BUT if you add a mask and several rounds of painter’s tape, not only is it not old but it’s supremely hilarious.

Introducing T-Rex Charades, (or in this particular case, because of a mask malpurchase, Godzilla-plus-T-Rex Charades) in which people are transformed into an extinct, arm-flapping, blinded-by-the-mask bundle of hilarity.

Rules are easy:

Pull up two contestants (you might first do a leader round so kids can laugh at them and get a feel for how entertaining they’ll look during their own round).

Help them don masks (here’s a link to T-Rex masks).

With arms bent up at elbows, encase their arms in several rounds of wide painter’s tape, making sure only their hands can move.

Play several rounds of charades using words that require hand motions.

Sit back and enjoy the hilarity. Just imagine those little arms acting out ukulele or cheerleader or cowbell.


Photo taken at the Middle School Campference held in Underwood, IN (October 2016), a gathering of middle-school-youth-workers-only, where we played games for middle-schoolers in order to, you know, test them out.

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