Put some fun FEAR in your club with this theme!


Would You Rather (can use slides or leaders just say from upfront): divide the room in half, ask kids questions (I.e. would you rather have pickles for toes or sardines for fingers) and they either go to the left (for pickles) or the right (for sardines). The grosser the questions the better!

Pass the Mystery Bag: have kids sit in a circle, when the music starts place a paper bag in one of the kids laps and they pass it until the music stops, whoever has the bag when the music stops has to take a bite of whatever is inside (I.e. baby food, mayo, gummy worms, etc.)

Bean Boozled: pair up kids and give each of them a jelly bean. They either have the good flavor or the bad flavor. Have them eat the jelly bean to see who lost and then ask them what flavors they had. 


*this requires a wheel to spin – either physical or online.
Wheel of Misfortune: pull up 3-4 leaders (could work with just 1-2) and 5-6 kids. Each kid gets a chance to spin the wheel and whatever it lands on, they get to pick a leader to do it. Examples: drink coke through a sock, take a bite of baby food, stick your hand in a box with a surprise (we borrowed a hamster), spit a live worm, etc. 

Fish Walk: have a leader upfront with a live fish announcing that kids are going to have to walk across a tarp without stepping on the fish. Pull 3-4 kids out of the club room and tell the remaining kids that it’s just mandarin oranges but they have to act like their friends are stepping on live fish. One at a time, bring each kid back in the room blindfolded and lead them to the tarp where they have to walk across it barefoot. Game of great reactions!! 


For the wheel of misfortune: https://wheelofnames.com

You can also purchase Bean Boozled boxes at Target or Amazon!


Our kids love gross things and funny surprises so they’re all about Fear Factor! They also love it when the leaders have to do embarrassing things because it helps take the attention off of themselves and shows that their leaders are willing to look ridiculous with them. 

Submitted by Megan Hefley, San Antonio, Texas


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