Donut Club

DONUT stress about this weeks club. We’ve got you covered! (sprinkles included)

Serve mini donuts / donut holes as kids arrive.

Mixer: Donut Pass 

Form 2 or 3 equal teams. Give each player a spoon and line them up in a row. Player one starts with a donut hole on their spoon so when the music starts they sit down and stand up then pass it to the next person. They go down and back and then sit down as a team. If the hole drops, they start back at the beginning.

Supplies: lots of spoons and donut holes

Competition: Eat that Donut! 

Bring up 3 or 4 volunteers. Have each person take off one shoe and sock. Tie a string to their toe and around the donut. String it over the pole and begin the music. The first one to finish their donut wins.

Supplies: 4 plain circle donuts, long string, limbo pole, 3 chairs, and prize

Hot Donut!

Place the kids in a large circle. When the music starts, pass a donut hole or two in bags around the circle. When the music stops they pick a card from a leader which says what sauce they dip their donut in. Use new donuts for eating and keep passing the dirty ones. 

Sauces: ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, chocolate sauce, whip cream

Raffle: Give away a Krispy Kreme gift card!

Submitted by Lisa Kojis, Area Director in Milwaukee

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