Vacation Club

ADVENTURE TIME! Use this vacation club theme to give kids a trip of a lifetime!

Submitted by Emily in Oxford, MS.

Opening song – your pick of a Beach Boys song!

Mixer –  Lei The Leader

Everyone gets a lei, divide into 2 teams for relay

2 leaders stand at the front,  there are 2 chairs back to back in the middle of the relay course to represent sitting in a car/plane. Students run with their lei and phone, sit in the chair, run to the leader and put the lei on the leader and take a selfie, run back to tag next person.

Mixer –  Beach Ball Battle

Use 2 or 3 teams depending on the # of students, 10 or so beach balls

Students sit on the floor with their teams, plenty of space between the teams

Music plays , when it stops , the team with least # of balls in their space wins

(play a few rounds as time allows)

Game – Identify the Destination

4 students, 4 leaders

Show pictures of famous places, leaders stand in the back, in order to say the name of the place  students must run tag their leader

Student with the most points gets to pie a leader


On the Road Again (Willie Nelson)

Soak up the Sun (Sheryl Crow)


Use train tickets (raffle tickets) to win a trip to the local ice cream shop


Write announcements on pieces of paper and put in different shopping bags – pick students to open each bag and read the announcement

Content Song


Work in a story of one of your own trips

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