The Year of The Birthday

When you were a teenager, did your birthday fall during the school year or during a break from school? For those of you who answer school year, do you remember the difference in having a weekday birthday one year vs. a weekend birthday another?

For some people, birthdays are an exciting day to be celebrated and feel special. For other people, birthdays come with disappointments and much less fanfare.

Let’s consider our opportunity to make this school year one where every student you know is celebrated with all the hype and celebration they deserve. We are proposing: THE YEAR OF THE BIRTHDAY!

Before we share a few ways you might shower your middle school friends with love, please remember that some students could feel embarrassed by loud music (etc.) that draws attention from everyone on the block, while other students appreciate being the center of attention. Proceed with thoughtfulness towards each of your friends as you plan to celebrate them!

  • Visit kids homes on their birthdays, perhaps wearing this funny happy birthday suit and hat (pictured at the top of this post.)
  • Deliver a birthday card signed by your leadership team and a box of movie theater candy, a cupcake, or balloons!
  • Play a happy birthday song loud from your car, or message your friend with this curated Spotify birthday playlist.
  • As a leadership team, learn a quick choreographed birthday dance and perform it for students. We like this one and believe you could use it with multiple songs!

Share the ways you’re celebrating your friends’ birthday with us so we can re-share them on here!

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