8th Grade WyldLife Graduation

Kids are zoomed out. Around the country, we’ve noticed the most appreciated and meaningful thing to kids is a personal touch… a home visit to drop something off on their doorstep… some type of drive by. Note: Whatever your community currently allows should be used as a your filter for ideas.

Below is a template to jumpstart your creativity in hopes of celebrating 8th grade graduates.

Have leaders team  up to visit student’s on their porches, in their driveways, on the sidewalk, or in the yard. Borrow graduation cap and gowns for leaders to wear. One area posted on Facebook asking for grad gowns and found plenty to borrow. If you can’t find any to borrow, you can purchase them on Amazon, attempt to make your own, or just skip it.

  • Leaders group into sets of at least two and show up at student’s house wearing cap, gown, and face masks.
  • One leader can film and take photos, while also playing the graduation song via their phone or portable speaker.
  • The other leader can hand kids a diploma with a toy mechanical hand covered in the blue glove. (This is not only for fun, but also out of respect for families that are adhering closely to social distancing guidelines.)
  • Give students small gifts (diploma, candy, WyldLife sticker), and then pose for fun pictures. Might we suggest a photo of the graduate shaking a leaders gloved mechanical hand?

Links for items mentioned above:
Candy box 30 cents each
Grad Cap $2 each
WyldLife Sticker $1 each
Toy Mechanical Hand $13 each
Gloves $26.99 box of 100
Young Life face mask $6.00 each
WyldLife Diploma Version 1 Online Template
WyldLife Diploma Version 1 JPG
WyldLife Diploma Version 1 PDF
WyldLife Version 2 was an option for certificate in Microsoft Publisher
WyldLife Diploma Version 2 JPG
WyldLife Diploma Version 2 PDF

REMINDER- If you choose to purchase items from Amazon, first go to Amazon Smile and set your profile to donate to Young Life.

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