ShamROCK Karaoke Club

ShamROCK Karaoke Club Game
a Robb Schreiber and Sam Conrad collab

To make this club happen, you’ll need a sound system, access to the internet, and a screen of some sort to project the words. Set up the stage so that the entire club can see the words and sing along!

For your karaoke visual, you can use a website like this one or simply use youtube. You might even get access to Just Dance and amp it up one more notch. (Might we suggest sprinkling in Just Dance every few songs to get everyone moving and back into the show?)

Have kids submit their songs by writing on a paper by the DJ or texting a leader so you can build a que of songs.  Have a leader or two on standby to screen the lyrics (make sure they’re clean and appopriate) before airing them to the entire club.

Keep the snacks and drinks coming and kids will go wyld until you shut it down!

TIP: To make the club run faster, especially if you have a lot of kids wanting to sing, limit the song to 2 minutes. We’d rather leave everyone wanting more than waiting on a 4 minute song.

Bonus: For kids who aren’t into singing, dancing, or being extra loud, have a table set aside with coloring supplies or games like Uno and Spot it.

Decor + Props: Let kids choose from funny sunglasses, colorful boas, and party hats to wear for the duration of the party. You could pass out fun instruments such as kazoos, maracas, cymbals, or make your own noisemakers (by placing small candy or popcorn kernels in water bottles!)

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