Pi Club

Pi Club Ideas
from Robb Schreiber

National Pi Day is on March 14th, so here are some creative ways to celebrate math and numbers in classic WyldLife fashion!

ATTIRE or RAFFLE: For leaders to wear or students to win! (Funny Pi shirts on Amazon)

GAME: These games already exist, so let’s not totally reinvent the wheel. Be creative in how you use this to engage all your middle school friends, and let us know what worked for you!

UPFRONT GAME: Good Ole Fashioned Pie Eating Contest

  • Buy a few pies at your local grocery store or hostess fruit pies. Make sure you give the kids something cover their clothes, like a trash bag over their head. Cut small hole for the head and allow them to push their head through the hole to create a tight fit around their neck so pir can’t sneak through onto their clothes. Also, place a large tarp on the floor to make clean up easier.
  • They can only use their mouth, no hands.

MIXER: How well do you know pi?

  • Break club into groups or individuals. Give them a sheet of paper with the first 100 digits of pi. Give them a few minutes to memorize the digits of pi.
  • Break them into groups of 10 and see if each kid can remember their 10 digits of pi.

MIXER: Pie tin eating game

  • Creativity is your friend. Get a handful of pie tins 1 pie tin for every 6-8 kids at club. Do your best to make teams even.
  • Put something at the bottom like jelly beans, gummy worms, etc and then fill up pie tins with flour.
  • Line them up at one end of the club room and send them one at a time in relay fashion and they have to root through the flour to get to the item at the bottom of the tin. Once they get it out they can eat or toss it to the side and run back to give the first person in line a hi-5 to send them to the pie tin.
  • They can only use their face. No hands!

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