Will It? (Club Game)

Will It?
game idea from Jennifer Behret
inspired by Good Mythical Morning on Youtube

This game is simple and involves eating strange foods – what else can you ask for in middle school ministry? Here’s how it goes:

  1. Choose your spice or sauce.
  2. Compile a selection of foods. We suggest a few that would create a great taste, as well as a few that won’t (because hello, this should be funny!)
  3. Prepare the foods with the spice or sauce, if necessary.
  4. Call up your volunteer(s) to try the strangely spiced food. The crowd, together, calls out, “WILL IT (insert spice or sauce name)?!”

Jennifer’s area tried this game – here’s how it went.

  1. Chosen spice: Pumpkin
  2. Selected foods:  Milk, mayo, hot dog, pickle, cottage cheese, and muffins
  3. The hot dogs needed to be cooked in the spice, but the rest they just sprinkled on or mixed in.
  4. Student volunteers to taste test. Crowd calls out, “WILL IT PUMPKIN SPICE?!”

A Few Tips and Bonus Ideas:

  • Have a trash can on standby. You just never know with these weird food games.
  • Get more students involved by rotating groups of 3-5 up to try one food at a time. For instance, have 3-5 students try apples with hot sauce. Then, have 3-5 different students come up to try cottage cheese with hot sauce.
  • Don’t tell the contestants what they’ll be trying until they’ve volunteered.


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