Luau Party Club-To-Go

Warm up your club by transporting kids to a WyldLife Luau Party! Here are some of our ideas.

Beachy Hawaiian Attire

Make this a win for everyone by suggesting kids wear hawaiian shirts, swim trunks, sunglasses AND by bringing plenty of extras for kids who might not remember or have supplies at home. Tip: You may need to remind your middle school guy friends that they should also wear a shirt with those trunks.

Supplies: extra beach attire

Mixer: Hawaiian Limbo 

Split the room into 2-4 teams. Give each team a pool noodle to use as a limbo stick. Play music while each team limbos, eliminating players who touch the floor (with anything other than their feet) or touch the pool noodle. For the finale, the last 3 contestants from each team compete.

Supplies: 2-4 pool noodles (1 per team), music

Mixer: Giant Volleyball

Those gigantic inflatable volleyballs aren’t very practical on the beach, but at a WyldLife Club they’re perfect! Throw up a volleyball net and divide all the students in half! Keep score, make up your own rules (ie: everyone is sitting; feet only; teams change every 2 minutes; introduce additional smaller volleyballs; non-dominant hand only; etc) or just set a timer and let the kids have fun!

Supplies: gigantic volleyball, volleyball net

Mixer: Coconut Bowling

Decide how many bowling stations you want to set up, and then remove the wrapper on 6 water bottles for each station, adding blue food dye to each to make the water blue. Set up the pins in a triangle formation, from back to front, 3, 2, 1. Have students form lines to bowl a coconut at the pins. The first group to have everyone bowl “wins.” Kids should sit once they have bowled. Tip: Get more kids involved by have 2-3 stand behind each set of pins to reset them each round. 

Supplies: ___ sets of 6 water bottles, blue food dye, 1 coconut per group

Hula Hoop Contest

You won’t need a hula hoop for every kid because every 30-45 seconds you can have kids switch and share the hoops! Place the hoops in the center of the room while kids gather on the edges of the room. Use music as a cue for kids to dash to a hoop and start hula-ing. Shut off the music when it’s time to stop. Kids hooping should switch with kids watching each round. You can toss tennis balls for kids to catch to increase difficulty!

Supplies: Hula hoops (ask families if you can borrow them to cut down on costs)

Beach Scene Photo Booth

“Aloha” banner. Flowers. Beach balls. Palm leaves. Sunglasses. Beach chairs. Inflatable palm trees. Make it fun! 

If you’ve done a beach or luau themed club before, email us with the ideas we’ve missed! We’d love to hear from YOU.


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