A Christmas Club Kids Will Remember

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Make it a Christmas Kids Will Remember

Create a Christmas-themed club or event that kids won’t want to miss – even kids who have never come to WyldLife. Kids will have a great time, and you will get to share the true meaning of Christmas. And remember that middle schoolers make better participants that spectators, so give every kid an opportunity to be involved in the fun. Check out these ideas for your WyldLife friends:

Human Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt. Divide into teams and ask leaders or parents to drive kids or walk with them to visit houses in the neighborhood. Your list can include things to find like “something red” or “something with a star on it” or “something cold”. As kids collect items, they tape them to one of their team members who is the human Christmas tree. Meet back at a central location to show off the Christmas trees and award prizes.

Build Your Own Christmas Tree. If visiting the neighbors isn’t a great option, divide into teams right where you are. Provide each team with tape, ribbon, wrapping paper and other assorted supplies. (Visit a local dollar store for cheap, fun Christmas decorations.) Ask each team to decorate one of their leaders. Give the winning team Christmas candy to enjoy.

Hawaiian Christmas Club. When kids arrive, they can order hot chocolate from parents serving as baristas. Be sure to offer all the toppings – marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream, M&Ms, and more. Top it off with a tiny umbrella and a mini candy cane. Other great touches? Give every kid a lei from the dollar store and offer a photo booth with Hawaiian and Christmas props or maybe even pictures with Santa Claus.

Christmas TikTok Party. Divide kids into teams and help them create TikTok videos, lip-syncing to favorite Christmas songs. You provide the music clips, and let your friends provide the creativity. Show the videos on a big screen and present awards for creativity, costumes or dance moves. 

Plastic Wrap Christmas Ball. Wrap a “grand prize” in plastic wrap. Go big with camperships or tickets to a game/movie with a WyldLife leader – or go silly with funny Christmas socks. As you add layers around the grand prize, wrap smaller goodies every few layers ($5 gift cards, candy, etc). Keep wrapping until you have a giant ball. Kids sit in a circle and pass the ball. When the music stops, the person holding the ball gets to put on mittens and unwrap layers until the music begins. When the music starts, pass the ball again. Continue until one kids gets to the center and wins the grand prize.

Reindeer Games. Divide kids into teams and set up Christmas-themed stations for teams to rotate through. Stations could include Santa’s Workshop (unwrap Christmas candy wearing mittens), Christmas Pictionary or Name That Christmas Movie. A favorite station? Dodge ball with snowballs. (No snow where you live? Find out if you can buy “snowballs” made of shaved ice.)

Whatever Christmas activities you plan, end the time with a club talk about Luke 2. Kids have likely heard something about a baby born in a manger, but they may have no idea that this is a true story. What an incredible opportunity we have to tell kids who Jesus is and why he came to this earth.


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