Girls Spa Night (WyldLife contact work event)

spa night

spa night nailpolish

Sometimes in WyldLife, we need to create opportunities for contact work. Here’s one idea from Greater Lafayette (IN) WyldLife.


  • package of 7/16″ washers and ribbon (to make necklaces)
  • 3 gram cosmetic containers (for homemade lip gloss)
  • big tub of vaseline (generic is fine) and Koolaid packs (for homemade lip gloss)
  • paper plates or bowls, craft sticks or spoons (for making lip-gloss)
  • access to microwave (for making lip-gloss)
  • Sharpies (colors, black, gold, silver)
  • nail polish (be sure it covers in a single coat – Sinful Colors is the best inexpensive brand)
  • one or two Readers Digest Condensed Books (You’re going to rip pages out of these – breathe deeply and don’t fret; these books, for many reasons, do not actually qualify as real books. They are best viewed as a source of creative materials.)
  • Snacks. (Obvi.)
  • Stuff to create ambiance – good music, encouraging wall words (unique, loved, gifted, funny, creative, good friend, et al.), decorations, candles, etc.
  • Instagram and Facebook ads (images at top are ready for you to drop in your own when/where details)


Start with a very short intro talk that highlights the girls’ true identity and reinforces God’s love for them. Here are some possible talking points:

  • We don’t do spa night to become more beautiful or to change how we look or who we are. You are awesome just exactly as you are! We do it because it’s fun and we love to spend time together.
  • The world says your outer appearance determines your value. God says something different. He says that your value is due to the fact that he made you, designed you, loves you, and wants to spend time with you.
  • The Bible says that God planned you even before you were born (use verses from Psalm 139). It says you are his masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10). It says that that he loves you more than anyone could ever imagine (John 3:16 and other verses).

Have several different stations set up that girls can rotate through in whatever order they want. They probably will not get to every station unless you make this an extended event. You may need extra leaders for this night. Consider inviting HS Campaigner girls to help.

Station 1: Nails

  • nail polish
  • polish remover and cotton balls (optional)

You can let girls do their own or their friends’ nails. But don’t miss out on the chance to have a close-up conversation with girls while you do their nails.

Station 2: Hair

Make sure girls bring their own brushes and hair accessories. You could provide extra hair ties for girls who forget to bring them.

The easiest ‘dos will be fun-buns, French braids, braided pig-tails, and high pony-tails. The secret of this station is that simply getting your hair brushed is magical. Some girls may not want to have their hair styled. No problem. Offer to just brush their hair – and get ready to have a great conversation.

Station 3: Home-made lip gloss

  • vaseline and Kool Aid
  • mixing materials
  • cosmetic containers (see pics below of how you can style these)

Instructions are here. There are many other variations available online.

Have the vaseline warmed and ready so girls can simply mix their chosen color and spoon it into their container.

Station 4: Blackout poetry (see samples below)

  • Book pages
  • Sharpies

This station is strategically planned for girls who might not want to do the more traditional spa activities. It still provides great opportunities for conversation. Find fun words on the page – blackout all the rest. Design, doodle, draw as desired. It’s that easy.

Station 5: Necklaces (see photos below)

Cut different colored ribbons 24″ in length. Let girls choose a ribbon and a washer. Pre-write W•Y•L•D•L•I•F•E on one side of the washer. If time allows, let girls write something on the back side – one of the encouragement words on the wall, their name, etc.

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