Sound Effects (up front/large group game)

Sound Effect


  • Sound Effects cover slide (see above)
  • Slides of different animals/machines/etc. that make a distinct sound – see list below. Slides need only the word, not an image.


  • Divide room into 2 teams.
  • Choose 1 person from each team to be the up-front guesser. Stand those people in front of screen (so they can’t see what’s on it), facing their team members.


  • Play team one, then team two.
  • All team members corporately make “sound effect” for each item on screen. NO HANDS ALLOWED. This isn’t charades – sound-makers must stand still and just make the sound.
  • Guesser has 30 seconds to guess as many sounds as possible. Play additional rounds as desired.
  • Team with most points wins. Because, well, that’s how games work.


  • pig
  • helicopter
  • whale
  • guitar
  • alarm clark
  • phone
  • train
  • ambulance
  • dolphin
  • cat
  • light saber
  • dentist drill
  • thunder
  • mosquito
  • crying baby
  • chimpanzee
  • howling wolf
  • drum roll
  • trumpet
  • football crowd



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