Flimsee – easy, cheap, wondrous game


Flimsee is a real game with real rules and real equipment. Check out the official site here.

The real points are 1 and 2. Yawn. Boring. For WyldLife, we suggest giving points in the tens, hundreds, or thousands range. Because, you know, points matter.

The real equipment costs over $40 here. Well … WyldLifers are cheap. I mean, we are expert stewards of our fundraised dollars. So you can create your own Flimsee set with:

4 – plastic cups

4 – 48″ fiberglass driveway marker poles (like this [very inexpensive] or this [not quite as inexpensive])

2 – frisbees


Put poles in the ground as shown in the picture above. The poles in each pair should be about 2 frisbee widths apart. The two pairs should be at least 15 feet away from each other.

Each team stands behind their set of poles. The players on the starting team throw their frisbees one at a time. If a frisbee goes between the opponents’ poles without touching either one, the throwing team earns 2 points (which is boring, so maybe 200 points).

If a frisbee knocks a cup off the pole and onto the ground, the throwing team earns 1 point. YAWN. How about LOTS of points.

If the defending team catches the cup before it hits the ground, the throwing team earns nothing.

First team to earn 12 … I mean SO MANY … points wins.

It’s that easy. And stupendously fun. Watch people playing here and here.

Go. Now. Buy some driveway markers. Lots and lots of driveway markers for lots and lots of WyldLife kids for lots and lots of fun.

**FYI – driveway markers are often on sale just before the winter season. We’ve found them priced at 99-cents at Menards, with an added BOGOF incentive – so 24 poles cost only $12. What?? GO GET SOME POLES AND PLAY THIS GAME.


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