Marshmallow Baseball – large group game

Best. Game. Ever. No kidding. It works at club. It works at camp. It works late night with summer staff vs. interns. It works early morning with assigned team vs. kitchen. It works at WyldLife club. It works at local leadership meetings.

It just works. All the time. Every time.


  • fat wiffleball bat
  • giant marshmallows (yes, these are a thing)
  • masking tape


marshmallow baseball.jpg

There are only TWO bases in this game. They are taped to the wall at shoulder height. Batter scores by tagging base with hand, not by touching with foot.

Create teams (guys vs. girls, grade vs. grade, school vs. school, etc.). Choose 5-7 batters for each team. Call all batters to front of room for their round.

Use same pitcher throughout. Change catcher for each team.


  • Each batter gets 3 pitches to earn one hit. No strikes or balls.
  • After hitting, batter runs to tag base 1, then base 2, then base 1, etc. Each base tag is worth ONE POINT. Batter continues tagging bases until the marshmallow is thrown back to the catcher. Once catcher has mallow, that batter’s turn is over.
  • When Team A bats, Team A people in crowd must sit on their hands and not interfere with Team B fielding.
  • Catching a fly ball does NOT = out. Mallow must be thrown to and caught by catcher for turn to end.
  • Create some automatic scores, i.e. if mallow hits far wall, automatic 10 points (batter doesn’t need to run bases); if mallow goes into sound booth, automatic 5 points (batter doesn’t need to run – and fielders will be excluded from entering and destroying the sound corner).

The game is played for one inning – a round of batters for each team.

Note: We use this game in our local club and leadership with as few as 25 people. We use this game at camp with as many as several hundred people. It works in every situation because everyone is involved at some level. Plus: GIANT MARSHMALLOWS! That’s an automatic win every time.

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