Middle School Ministers

This summer I served on a 6-WyldLife-Week assignment at Clearwater Cove, speaking the amazing and breathtaking truth of Jesus each and every day to middle schoolers and their leaders.

Because I am a weak, wounded (and old-ish) human, throughout the assignment, I had six close friends praying for me on a daily basis: one is a beloved aunt/prayer warrior; one is a sweet cousin/prayer warrior; one is a former Young Life girl who is now a wife/mother/prayer warrior; one is a dear sassy smart friend/fellow Wyldlife leader/prayer warrior; one is  a dear sassy smart southern belle/friend/prayer warrior; and one is a middle school girl/prayer warrior.

That’s right – I asked a middle schooler to pray for me every single day this summer as I spoke to middle schoolers.

And she did.

And her prayers changed lives, I have no doubt of it.

When we say “middle schoolers can understand the truth of Jesus” and “middle schoolers can fully embrace a life of faith” and “middle schoolers have the capacity to live as disciples of Christ” – do we really believe it? Because if so, then middle schoolers are responsible and faithful and passionate enough to pray for other middle schoolers – and for middle-aged WyldLife leaders who minister to middle schoolers.

I love middle schoolers because they are fun, funny, creative, smart, energetic, passionate, crazy, thoughtful, questioning, helpful, awkward, honest, and awesome.

I love middle schoolers because they can do amazing things.

I love middle schoolers because they are capable of astounding steps of faith.

I love middle schoolers because they can – and will and do – pray for the middle-aged.

And I am blessed because of it. A thousand times over.




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