3 Things I Didn’t Expect My First Year on Staff (and how I navigated them)

A few thoughts from a first-year WyldLife Staff Associate about what she didn’t expect or anticipate and how she navigated those things:

  1. LEADERS: When I considered going on staff, I imagined myself being with kids all the time. That’s why we all want to be on staff, right? To be with kids – getting to know them, encouraging them, listening to them, loving them, being there for them, and all the other ways we share life with them. What I didn’t expect or anticipate was the amount of time I wouldn’t spend with kids. More often than not, I spend more time each week with leaders than with kids. I’ve heard from many new staff that this is a disappointment to them – but I’ve found it to be very rewarding. I have the privilege of walking alongside leaders as they learn to build relationships with middle schoolers. The ministry is multiplied because of this.
  2. PEOPLE: People are the best and hardest part of my job. They interact and react in all sorts of ways. Learning how to relate to others in ways that are healthy and honoring can be a challenge. It’s full of both joy – and heartache. I’ve had to learn and remember that my way is not the only way and isn’t always even the best way. I need to continually remind myself to be teachable.
  3. JESUS: Even in a full-time ministry job, Jesus can quickly and easily slip my mind. If I’m not careful, I can focus on my to-do list more than him (and the to-do lists for new staff can be long and overwhelming). It’s been a very sweet journey during this first year to ask and invite Jesus to continually remind me of him. If I don’t intentionally place myself in his presence, I can’t lead well. I need him to be the center point in everything I do in both WyldLife and day to day living.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 9.11.18 PM

From Abigail Moore, WyldLife Staff Associate (Houston, TX)

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