Why MS Girls Freak Out

(See the original post, written by Kristen Ivy, here).

Here are 35 reasons why a middle school girl might freak out, from the viewpoint of a parent. Yep. This sounds exactly right.

  1. I woke her up on time.
  2. Her school won’t let her wear leggings as pants.
  3. I drive a mini van.
  4. Zayn left One Direction.
  5. I don’t know which one Zayn is.
  6. I asked a question.
  7. I made her get out of the shower after 30 minutes.
  8. I didn’t know she doesn’t like pancakes anymore.
  9. I said I liked her hair today.
  10. “No one” noticed her hair today.
  11. Brian forgot their 3-week anniversary.
  12. Mitchell doesn’t wear socks.
  13. I volunteered to chaperone the class trip.
  14. I picked her up where her friends could see me.
  15. I confiscated her selfie stick.
  16. I posted a #TBT pic of our family
  17. Ben sat next to Sarah today.
  18. I don’t know who Ben or Sarah are.
  19. I asked about her day.
  20. I didn’t ask about her day.
  21. I am embarrassing.
  22. She and Kelly wore the same shirt today.
  23. There is (still) no taco emoji.
  24. Jason touched her hand—maybe on purpose.
  25. I offered to call Jason’s dad to find out.
  26. I wouldn’t let her eat 24 pizza rolls as a snack.
  27. I bought the wrong kind of energy drink.
  28. I got a Snapchat.
  29. I spoke.
  30. I wouldn’t let her be a “sexy” anything for Halloween.
  31. I didn’t think “everyone does it” was a good enough reason.
  32. They won’t let her take her phone on the fall retreat.
  33. Someone cropped her out of their Instagram photo.
  34. I took her phone and made her go outside.
  35. I am still embarrassing.

3 thoughts on “Why MS Girls Freak Out

  1. This is absolutely incredible! It is so true, and made me laugh so hard all at the same time! Thank you for this!


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