What’s On My Head?? (up front game)

Whats on my head.001
What’s On My Head?


  • 6 helmets/hard hats (get them at a thrift store)
  • 6 “on my head” items
  • duck tape
  • blanket/tarp/large towel


  • tape each item onto a helmet/hard hat
  • cover all of these with a blanket/tarp/large towel so no one can see them

Choose 6 kids (and/or leaders) to play. Bring them to front of room. Each person will play their own round.


  • Player 1 covers eyes while you put one of the helmets/hats on their head. Depending on the weight and shape of the item, they may need to hold the helmet/hat on their head. Make sure they don’t touch the actual item.
  • Give the player one starting hint, e.g. “This item is found in a toy aisle,” or “This item is found outside,” or “This item has something to do with sports,” or “This item came from a kitchen,” or “This is an item from school,” etc. (Giving a First Hint is a middle school adaptation.)
  • Players have 2 minutes to ask ten “yes/no” questions of the full group. If a middle school player is having a hard time, give them periodic hints. Have a leader or kid be the time-keeper.


  • If you use thrift store items, players who guess correctly get to keep “what’s on their head.”

Things to use:

  • plunger
  • teapot
  • small appliances
  • phone
  • notebook
  • shoe
  • toys
  • tools
  • kitchenware
  • tupperware
  • anything, really

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