Saran Wrap Speedway (large group game/mixer)


  • Plastic Wrap
  • Various items to create a race course (cones, chairs, masking tape, etc.)
  • Great music
  • Middle schoolers


  • Map out an easy-to-follow race course (keep in mind your audience)


  • Wrap together 4-6 students; include all students.
  • Start the music.
  • Use a rolling start;┬áhave an official time-keeper for each group (a leader who runs alongside the group with a stop-watch)

Team with the fastest time wins.

You can watch a video here.

(Found at

One thought on “Saran Wrap Speedway (large group game/mixer)

  1. We played the saran wrap relay and it was a huge hit at our WyldLife club! All my pics of the kids during the relay were of them laughing.


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