DIY Dice Bowl Club (with SLIDE SHOW)

dice-bowl-club-wllb-009Our Annual Spring Dice Bowl Club was a home run. Dice Bowl works for large or small clubs. It can be played for as long as needed. Our Dice Bowl Clubs consist of Dice Bowl, a club talk, and announcements. That’s it.

For more specifics on how to play Dice Bowl, and to get a PDF of score sheets, read this post.

To keep things feeling high-energy and party-central, you can use the Dropbox slide shows linked below. These will be played during the entire Dice Bowl event. You can add club talk and/or announcement slides to the end. NOTE: the videos won’t play while perusing the file in DropBox. You need to download it.

Slide One: Pre-game slide

Slide Two: Instruction slide (you’ll need to fill in the specifics for your room set-up, any other ‘house rules’ you add, etc.)

The rest of the slide show has a new screen for each round of Dice Bowl. Between every two rounds, there is a short video clip from BBC’s “On The Wild Side,” because middle schoolers (and WyldLife leaders) still think talking animals are funny.

You can add/delete slides depending on how long you want to play Dice Bowl.

Be sure you have a rockin’ play list going at all times. Dice Bowl feels like a High End Top Tier Five Star Legit and Lit Event as long as the music keeps playing.

Be sure to choose a strong leader to be your referee. Also: make a big deal out of sudden-death-tied-score-roll-offs.

We give fuzzy dice as prizes to the guy and girl who win the most rounds, because who doesn’t love a set of fuzzy dice?

Have a blast. Host a Dice Bowl. The hard work is already done for you – you can spend time with your kids instead.

PowerPoint slideshow

Keynote slideshow

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