Post-Club Communication

Because WyldLife clubs often follow an every-other-week schedule, consistent communication is important in order to maintain momentum and keep parents and kids in the loop. Here are two easy ways to accomplish this, both of which require you to use some kind of sign-in sheet for each event so you have a reliable attendance list:

Send parents a follow-up email after each club. Give them a short glimpse of something specific you did at club, thank them for bringing their son/daughter, affirm how glad you are to have their child at WyldLife, and let them know of upcoming events.

On occasion, personalize your parent emails, highlighting something specific about their son/daughter. Parents appreciate hearing another adult notice, compliment, and comment about their child.

Since parents are key to WyldLife success, this regular email communication should be an important part of your ministry strategy.

Take a group photo at each event, make inexpensive prints, and send one to each kid who attended. Send them as postcards. You can use printed mailing labels, but you must handwrite just a few sentences saying something like THANKS FOR COMING! IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU! YOU WERE AWESOME AT THE GAME! Or whatever. Use lots of !!!!! and CAPITAL LETTERS and relevant emojis. Have all the leaders sign the postcards.

Real mail is a big deal. A very big deal. The postcard format is a good strategy for parents who don’t yet know much about WyldLife because they can see what you’re sending and saying to their son or daughter. And any handwritten snail mail is a bonus for middle school students, many of whom have never gotten old-fashioned mail in their life.

It takes time to write these notes, but it’s a guaranteed worthwhile investment.

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