Rory’s Story Cubes – GET THESE


Rory’s Story Cubes are awesome in so many ways, on so many levels. They’re adorable. They are clever. They are brilliant. They create a calming sense of weight and heft when nestled in your hand. (It’s a thing.)

And they are a profoundly fun way to start conversations and invite creativity.

Use Story Cubes:

  • with your leadership teams
  • to begin Campaigners (e.g., instead of highs and lows, kids must pick 3 cubes to talk about their week)
  • during cabin time as discussion starters or to retell the day’s events
  • around the lunch table as a story-telling game

Story Cubes can be used:

  • individually (ask each person for a personal response)
  • in a group (people work together to create a funny narrative).

There are endless ways to use these cubes. Some people have retold well-known stories, like this:


The original and intended purpose of Rory’s Story Cubes was to provide an engaging tool for narrative creativity.

But really, the sky’s the limit with these things. They’re a perfect WyldLife resource.

You can get RSCs  here and here.

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