Solo/Ensemble Contest: A Top-Tier WyldLife Contact Work Zone

Every WyldLife leader knows about the challenges of meeting and spending time with middle schoolers.

They don’t have as many extracurricular activities as high school students. There are fewer special events to volunteer at. They don’t have access to their own transportation. Many of them don’t yet have phones (either cell or landline). Most don’t yet have email addresses.

Et cetera.

Fill in the blank.

You know what I’m talking about.

But once a year (usually in late winter or early spring), that all changes when Solo and Ensemble Contest descends on our respective communities – for both band and choir students – and the halls of The Chosen School is literally flooded with middle school students AND (drum roll) their parents!

If you’re a WyldLife leader, you need to be at Solo and Ensemble Contest. You could camp out all the livelong day and never run out of kids (and parents!) to meet.

Did I mention The Parents?

Bring donuts. Bring juice. Bring snacks. Bring yourself. Bring a smile. Bring your energy, your joy, your sincerity, your presence, your faith, your friendship, your heart, your enthusiasm, and your Jesus-light.

Just be there. Cheer on your kids. Build relationships. Meet The Parents! Follow Paul’s advice to the Ephesians: make the most of every opportunity.

Some tips:

Check in with the band/choir kids you already know about when and where they perform. If they’re in an ensemble, be sure to intentionally meet and encourage all the kids you don’t yet know.

Visit with the band/choir teacher in advance. If you are an official volunteer for the school, you might request a list of all the students who are performing along with time and room number. Use this to strategically meet new kids (and parents!).

If you are a piano player, offer to accompany band and choir kids. Schools are often looking for reliable people who are willing to help with this.

If you know anything at all about a band instrument, volunteer to help out at contest. You can help kids warm up, replace reeds, tune, etc. Trust me: if you’re willing to help out, there will be something for you to do.

Posted by Crystal Kirgiss (WyldLife Leader, Raceway Regional Trainer)

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