15 WyldLife Insights from New Staff Training

WyldLife Staff – New Staff Training, 2017


Every year, new WyldLife staff gather with hundreds of other new and current staff (Young Life, Young Life College, Young Lives, Young Life Capernaum) for a week of intensive training. Here are fifteen takeaways that this year’s new WyldLife staff are taking home with them and want to share with you:

  • If you’re an introvert, bring games/stuff to contact work (e.g. Exploding Kittens/paper & markers to the lunch room).
  • WyldLife staff and WyldLife leaders aren’t secondary – we must hold ourselves to the highest caliber of ministry.
  • It’s important to remember what it was like to be in middle school – we can’t expect middle schoolers to relate to us, but we can relate to them.
  • You can’t export what you don’t have internally. If I want to have a fun and energetic club, I need to come ready to provide those things.
  • Middle School is a “thousand days of significance” that I don’t want to miss out on.
  • WyldLife must be WyldLife, not Young Life for short people!
  • Middle schoolers always prefer fun for everyone over one person being funny.
  • WyldLife looks different in different places, and that’s okay.
  • Most high schoolers are not ready to be strong ministry leaders.
  • WyldLife leaders should be chosen carefully and led well. They can’t be “leftover” leaders from Young Life. WyldLife deserves the best leaders we have.
  • If I have high school leaders, I must be prepared to train and mentor them well; they will require more of my time and attention than older leaders.
  • When planning WyldLife contact work, club, events, and Campaigners, always keep their developmental stage in mind. It needs to be the lens through which I view every aspect of ministry.
  • Middle school kids need space and room to run around and be kids.
  • At least half of WyldLife club must be mixers and games that include ALL kids.
  • WyldLife is a full-fledged, unique, and complete ministry for middle schoolers, not simply a warm-up for high school and Young Life.

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