WyldLife parent letter

From Angie Polejewski (Fergus Fall, MN)
Associate Area Director, WyldLife Leader

WyldLife ministry requires a different level of parent interaction than Young Life ministry. Many kids are still attached to their parents; many parents are still protective of their kids; some kids don’t have email or smartphones yet; some parents want all the details of their kids’ activities.

And then there’s the transportation issue…

Angie Polejewski, a veteran WyldLife leader and staff person (Fergus Falls, MN) uses the following letter as an integral piece of her parent communication strategy. You’re welcome to adapt it for your own ministry.

If you have a similar letter or other parent communication piece you’re willing to share, we’d love to post them here for the larger WyldLife family. Email them to us at wyldlifeleaderblog@gmail.com.


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